, the sound library dedicated to 3D surround ambisonic sound recordings release “Building site“.

To enhance your big city atmosphere, “Building site” is mostly an outdoor sound collection oriented on constructions, demolition and building site activities..

You need to give some energy to your city, details to large building site. You will find everything in that collection.  You need to give some depth to your city atmosphere, use the far percussions and metal strokes. You need details for your establishing shot, you will love the signal buzzer of outdoor elevator. Anyway those sounds are really helpful to design big cities atmospheres.
43 files for 2.9 Go of data. 0

Here we are! after some upgrades google / Youtube enable Video 360 to run with 3D audio scene on YouTube Android app on Android version 4.2 or higher Chrome, Firefox, […]

People at the show

Happy new year everyone. To start this new year with good vibes, we release “People at the show”. There is nothing more important than voice to give realism to your […]

Crowd reactions, the sound library dedicated to 3D surround ambisonic sound recordings release “Crowd reactions”. To complete our crowd recordings, “Crowd reactions” is an outdoor and stadium collection. Sometimes emotion comes […] build new partnership a le plaisir de vous informer que des distributeurs de sonothèques indépendantes vont promouvoirs nos collections. Pour assurer une meilleur visibilité de nos library exclusivement en ambisonic nous avons accepté des partenariats […]

Le metier de monteur son SATIS 2015

Conference Satis 2015. Après une participation en 2014 sur le sujet de la prise de sons du futur, où j’ai eu l’occasion de vanter la pertinence du format ambisonic, c’est […]